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How A Grooming Routine Can Help Your Shave

How A Grooming Routine Can Help Your Shave
28th August 2017 The Real Shaving Company
How A Grooming Routine Can Help Your Shave

Along your grooming journey you may have picked up some bad habits. In this guide we give our top 3 essential tips for improving your shave during your grooming routine.

Better Than Soap and Water

You’re not your Grandad, it’s time to drop the archaic soap dish down the drain and update your skincare tools. Invest in a Daily Exfoliating Face Scrub, this will provide key exfoliation and cleansing benefits to your face and beard hair. It breaks down the harder keratin layers in the hair’s strand, allowing more moisture to penetrate the hair’s shaft. Subsequently softening your beard, allowing you to have a smoother and closer shave. Cleansing the skin prior to your shave also removes impurities and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, reducing the possibility of post-shaving irritation.


Sculpting your scruff

Keeping your neck line clean and your cheek bones free of fluff means constant maintenance and precision shaving. Using a low-foaming, clear shave gel like Super Slide Shave Gel will enable you to see exactly what you’re doing & direct your razor for the ultimate glide. Our tip when keeping your scruff in order is to make it look as ‘natural’ as possible. Over sculpting can leave your stubble looking a little over-worked. Best to keep it simple, chaps.


Keep hydrated

Post-shave skincare is just as important as any other part of your grooming routine. The process of cleansing effectively and shaving can put sensitive skin through a lot. It has been buffed of dead skin cells and had a razor running over it, so it’s time to give a little back by using a moisturiser or post-shave balm. Taking this step ensures your skin is hydrated by replenishing it with protective moisture to ensure it’s not left to feel uncomfortable. Dry, tight and irritated skin will only worsen the more you shave and leave unattended. Our moisturisers not only hydrate your skin but can help reduce the chances of post-shave irritation, using ingredients like aloe vera and cocoa butter to aid in soothing aggravated skin.